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Design and manufacture single axis solar tracker controller

Best solution for one axis solar tracker control

An innovative solution ensuring real-time control and monitoring of all Trackers present on a photovoltaic power plant.
Plug  Track allows a constant watch on your fleet of trackers.

A new tool never before offered making you autonomous from installation to operation. Its degree of innovation allows for a significant reduction in commissioning and maintenance costs.


Tracker Controler (TC)

Drives motor to put the tracker in the optimal angle. This controller gives many details about tracker operation.


Tap Connect

is an android application created to simplify manual intervention on Tracker Controller for Maintenance or installation.


Main Controler (MC)

Manage one inverter area of TC. It will monitor weather to send TC in safety position, manage communication network, and read or write data for each TC. Up to 400 TC can be managed by 1 MC.


Click Connect

is a web interface hosted locally by each Main Controller. With this interface, you can monitor, configure and control each tracker.

About us

Based in the south of France, Track  Co develops intelligent and innovative technologies that provide operators of photovoltaic power plants with automatic management solutions for their tracker fleets.

Track  Co is a startup from the EIA Group comprising a design office of 7 engineers and 3 electronic card production companies, in total it is a team of around fifty electronics professionals

About group EIA

The production and integration of controller trackers is entrusted to EIA Grenoble, an ISO9001 certified site, which shares with us the same quality requirements necessary for the assembly of reliable electronic assemblies.

During production, all electronic boards are checked and benefit from the best technologies in terms of assembly and control.
To guarantee the traceability of each element, during the various tests, all the results are saved in a database.

Our Team

The Track  Co management team has been united around the Plug  Track project for several years. It is made up of engineers in R&D, financiers and salespeople who, thanks to their professional backgrounds and significant experiences for some in the electronics or photovoltaic sector, have led to the creation of a new control solution. orders ahead of the competition.